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Not sure what that is .
Looks like it was taken in Korean, but I’m not sure which Hyundai or Kia it could be….
Any idea?

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  1. i think this is the kia version of the hyundai 120…. because isn’t the new spectra replacement based on the elantra? and seeing as how they’re selling the i20 as a sort of elantra wagon in n.a., it would make sense for kia to have a wagon/hatchback to sell as well.

  2. I think it may be a Honda Stream, the headlights and the three slat grill….The rumor is that they may be coming over here in 2009.

  3. Looks a lot like the Toyota Innova. Could be the new Toyota CUV ‘replacement’ for the Solara or a mule for it.

  4. It looks pretty large next to that Sonata.. can’t be an Elantra or Matrix IMO. Is it a Kia version of the Veracruz? That seems like too much model proliferation, since there’s already new Sorento and Borrego models to bookend something that size.

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