New BMW 7 series movie

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Looks a bit better than on the pictures. A bit.. Not much…

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  1. Before anyone says that this car is ugly or is too conservative. I think everyone should REALLY examine the proportions of this car. It is a flagship sedan but the dash to axle is like a real sports car. At first I also thought this is very conservative for BMW; however, the proportions are revolutionary and has NOW set a standard for LUXURY SPORT SEDANS. I definitely believe everyone will be following this type of proportion. Everything else like the surface, graphics, means nothing more or less than a styling exercise or a few facelifts to get it right for the customer.

  2. The front of this thing was designed for pedestrian crash laws in Europe where most people walk because thay can’t afford to drive a car. They are so miserable that they don’t even look before they cross the street.

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