New Citroen C3 Picasso

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I guess Citroen owns the Picasso name because they seem to name any small minivan they built after the genius painter.

This is pretty cool looking. Seems roomy too.

But there is really no hope for Citroen in the US any time soon.

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  1. Citroën doesn’t own the Picasso name. And they’re paying the price… They were close to choose another name instead of tis one. Actually, the decision was taken pretty late in the project’s schedule.

    The vehicle looks nice in top end versions with joyful colors. Otherwise, the base model looks a bit dull in grey.

    It could be a nice car for the European market and the A-pillar are clever. Too bad it won’t offer a sunroof nor a “more than 4 speed” auto.

  2. i even love the colour. too bad i’ll never see it. super funky and functional looking little car. great details.

  3. Citroen & Peugot are part of the same group, I think, and Peugot has an affiliation with Mitsubishi, and with a minor change or tow this could be a cute Mitsu competitor to a B5 or that freakish JDM Honda transport you showed.

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