New Kia sedan coming up

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Looks like Kia is on a roll.
After the Soul and Forte, they are getting serious about the mid size market as well.
At first I thought this was the new Mazda6. Not bad.

This looks a bit small to replace the horrendous looking Amati. But it might be the new Optima.

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  1. Hope they put a more efficient engine in there. Had a rental Amanti for a couple days but I traded it in for a Chevy Cobalt because of the fuel economy. There is NO EXCUSE for a V6 engine to put out 14mpg highway.

  2. look at the overhangs. it seems like a RWD concept, based on the hyundai genesis chassis.
    i think it wil be an opirus/amanti replacement. this time maybe a bit smaller.

    the new magentis/optima looks quite different, look at the release pics on the net. its only a faclift done at the optima/magentis!

    greetings from germany!

  3. Maybe it’s the camera angle or my eyes bt this car looks kinda big to me. Like a sistership to the Genesis. I don’t remember hearing anything about Kia and it’s version of the Genesis though. Well, so far I like the greenhouse and the headights.

  4. Is there an original greenhouse in the mind of any designer in the world?

    In any event, I wish them success, as well as engines with actual punch (current Optima’s V-6 is pathetically uncompetitive in its segment…shame, as it is a looker IMO)

  5. i am the sales manager in canada, north bay at a kia store. i used to work at a japanese store. there really is no comparo. warranty at kia is a nightmare, and quality is atrocious.

  6. Looks like a kia version of the Azera to replace the Amanti.

    I’m still trying to understand the Hyundai/Kia chemistry. Maybe they are trying to build up a proper Toyota brand equivilent so Hyundai can grow into a Lexus role. Right now they are more like a Plymouth/Dodge or Buick/Olds in terms of brand parallels…at least they are brands that are more independant of one another and identical clones of each aren’t running about….they know how to properly distingush their vehicles through lovely cosmetics.

  7. I’m thinking Amanti replacement too.. perhaps RWD, but I kind of doubt it. With the recent Optima replacement, Kia seems to be going a bit smaller than the comparable Hyundai version.. the Forte also appears to be smaller than the Elantra on which it is based.. so this would logically be slightly smaller than Azera. And looks WAY better than Amanti!!

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