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When Ford claims they want to build the European C-max in the US, they are actually talking about the next version. Same with the Euro Focus.
These cars won’t appear before 2010.
Here is an illustration of what the next C-Max might look like.
In my opinion, anything will be an improvement over the current model. I really like most Euro Fords, but the C-Max is one of the most anonymous cars on the road…

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  1. If it looks like the illustration, it will be a hit. I like the 2009 Honda Fit the best (the 2008 and earlier arn’t pretty)from what’s there now, but this is a looker I wouldn’t be ashamed to drive.

  2. I agree. Very aggressive front end. It would be a big hit with the ‘Fast and Furious’ crowd. I like!

  3. Dear Mr. Ford,

    I will speak slowly for you, Henry:

    Doooon’t waterrrrr it dowwwwwwwn.

    Gringossss liiike coooool thinnngs.

    Growww a setttt off nadddds.

    Someone who has taste (aka not in Ford’s marketing dept)

  4. Nice, agree much better than the current model. That being said the current model was a financial and critical success in Europe.

  5. ford is done baby, lost 8 billion last quarter. this garbage should have been here 4 years ago, toooo late!. it’s just a tease now…..P.S Ford flex what a P.O.S.

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