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A German court has ruled that the Chinese BMW copy called the Shuanghuan CEO cannot be sold in Germany.

Good for them.

It’s about time someone does something about this insane copy habit.

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  1. As far as I’m concerned, chinese copies should not be allowed for sale anywhere on the planet…

  2. I agree. If it looked too close, it shouldn’t even be sold anywhere. Shame on the Chinese. They think with a billion people, they can give us all the middle finger.

  3. What do you mean ‘good for them’? Now the Germans are stuck paying for over-priced BMWs becuase of lack of competition. The Shuanghuan is NOT a BMW copy!

  4. Hopefull word about this will spread real fast in china and some of these copy cats will get the message ! i for one am very happy germany had the balls to stop the sale of these !! i mean really they couldnt find a different design for there tailamps geeze… i really think if they had a different rear on this it would have never been banned !

  5. ^ I’d go a lot further than banning the one model in Germany too…
    like banning all vehicles from that company (or any of its partners)
    and confiscating any driven into Germany!

  6. The chinese do not recognise western civalization copywrite laws.
    As someone posted earlier, the chinese don’t have anything worth copying.

  7. I agree with 12:26.

    The Chinese government has a long way to go before their industry is considered on par with the rest of the developed world. They are very good at providing manufacturing facilities for US, European or other Asian companies, but they cannot seem to design anything without thieving and they’ll cut corners whenever they can. Look at all the poor (and not so poor) copies of luxury goods and bootleg DVDs that they continue to litter all over the world. How can anyone say that this is not a copy of an X5? That it’s even being argued is disgusting. Except for the garish headlamps, it’s an exact copy. Where I can, I avoid Chinese made products. Including their nasty cardboard and MSG laden food.


  9. 3:10pm, either you are some kinda billionaire with your personal dock and airport where you can air-lift most of yoru stuff from whatever country you want, or you are some kinda barbarian living in a cave somwerhe far from civilization, you are using something made in china, nowadays it is IMPOSSIBLE, especially, in the western world, to avoid chinese product.

  10. Japanese copy from German, Korean copy from Japanese, Chinese copy from everyone, so everyone copy from everyone, whats the difference? people, wake up!

  11. 12:54:

    No I’m not a billionaire or living in a cave. However when the quality of clothing or electronics or anything, decreases because a brand decides to switch over to cheap Chinese labor, I make certain to tell the salespeople why I decide not to purchase the item. There is no reason why a $125 buttondown shirt needs to be made in China. Obviously there are many items, like the Macbook Air that I’m using now, are all made in China. And if I have no alternative, that’s what I’ll have to buy.

  12. “The germans are just afraid that the Shuanghuan CEO will lay waste to their crappy bimmers.”

    “What do you mean ‘good for them’? Now the Germans are stuck paying for over-priced BMWs becuase of lack of competition. The Shuanghuan is NOT a BMW copy!”

    Apparently these clueless posters missed the article in Car and Driver where they tested this vehicle. Maybe you should have your mommy drive you to a store where you can pick up a copy and you can understand why it doesn’t matter if it isn’t sold. This vehicle is a piece of junk, and almost all elements of this vehicle are a copy of something else.

  13. you are already buying chinese stuff like it’s goin’ outta style baby. China is the new empire, the romans, the chinese, who’s next. rant, rant the jam, rant it up! who cares this is nicer than a ricer and then a veiner schnitzel anyhoo!

  14. “and almost all elements of this vehicle are a copy of something else.”

    Isn’t that true of any vehicle? Let the market decide and not some scum-sucking government placed in ‘power’ by retarded parasite voters.

  15. There is a difference in copying certain parts of a vehicle like all car makers do, but there is a difference when 95% of a vehicle is blatently duplicated.

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