Opel Insignia Hatchback

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No official.

Another good looking Opel.
But, for once, I think the sedan might actually be the better looking version.

This one is not planned for the US. Our next Aura will have a trunk.

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  1. I don’t see a difference except for a rear wiper. What’s the point of this car if it can’t store more than the sedan? The wagon makes sense though.

  2. vince, this is not a hatchback but the new popular style in europe. Look at the new passat cc. Al these models are based on the mercedes cls.

  3. @cubedtothex

    The point is that hatches like this one are fairly popular in Europe. They’ll sell just fine.

    However, you are right, a Wagon would make great sense. As I’ve mentioned before I’m probably going to end up buying a GM Lambda CUV (or maybe a Ford Flex) but I would love to buy a truly sporty wagon instead.

    Curse you Pontiac and your non wagon version of the G8……

  4. “vince, this is not a hatchback…”

    Actually it is a hatchback. Other websites that have shown these official photos confirm this. Plus you can see the rear wiper in the middle photo.

  5. I love the style of the Insignia. But I generally prefer proper sedans or wagons. Not in-between hatchbacks. Is there any real space benefit to this style of hatchback versus a sedan with fold-down rear seats?

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