Opel Insignia Introduction

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At the London Auto Show.
The second video is in German, but it shows the really nice looking interior.
From what I’ve seen in spy shots, it seems that the Saturn version will be pretty much the same car.

Let’s hope.

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  1. Okay, that was a cool intro. The car is quite stunning. When I think of the unappealing GM vehicles that I grew up with, it really is pretty amazing how GM has re-invented itself in the past five years.

  2. I recently read a bit on gminsidenews.com that said we (the USA) are not getting this car right away, if at all. From what I understood from the article, GM feels that there is plenty of life left in the current Aura. Are they freakin’ out of their minds?! I hate to say it but as good as the current Aura is I feel it was D.O.A. from day one. Since the car was released I can count on 2 hands how many of these cars I’ve seen on the road (not including dealership parking lots). Keep in mind I live in the Washington D.C. area and frequently visit Chicago,IL and New York City. I believe the Aura’s biggest competitor is the new Malibu, of which I’ve seen a lot of. If Saturn ISN’T going to negotiate on price, then they need to sell a product that is a superior product AND value. If I had the money I would pay a premium for the Insgnia, but NOT for the current Aura. Compared to the Malibu I would feel like I got ripped off. If this story is true, and I hope it’s not, then I think it’s a HUGE mistake on GM’s part. Also I have’nt seen this story anywhere else so I hope that tells me it’s false. We’ll see.

  3. re: john_m's comments
    …imho, GM is re-re-thinking their "bit nicer than" brands
    the Invicta is a waste of time / "self-pleasuring exercise"
    the Insignia should be the new BPGmc+S midsizer (they only need one)

  4. I’m sorry but am I the only one who thinks GM should get rid of GMC? It’s to redundant. All of their vehicles are made in other divisions.

    GM can combine Buick, Pontiac and Saturn……but what the heck is the point of GMC? Although I think their version of the Silverado looks nicer. But Chevy could adopt the design changes of the pick up.

    Drop GMC keep Buick, Pontiac and Saturn. Or put them all under one name and keep the Lucern, G8, Sky and Insignia/Aura with FWD and AWD.

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