Peugeot 308 CC

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Just what they did before with the 307.
The 308 gets its own convertible version.

I must say, these Peugeot convertibles (I can see a 207 CC from where I am writing this) look really good in the flesh…

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  1. I luv ya man. But, this thing is hideous.

    Nothing, short of a Kentworth needs a grill opening this big.

  2. After a recent trip to Paris in April, it’s amazing how much personality their cars have, ugly or not. This Peugeot is no different. There are virtually no cookie cutter cars in Europe. You’d never mistake a Peugeot for a Citreon or VW. For the American car market, contrastly speaking, are full boring cars with little or no personality or individuality.

  3. i like the overall shape but the front is something of an acquired taste. i could get used to it, but i dont know if i would want too. if that upper black part in the front of the grille was white, i think it would look just perfect.

  4. Rinspeed plans on coming out with an amphibious version that can extract plankton from the water that is then used to create a “bio-diesel” fuel for the small powerful engine. This idea came to the CEO and founder of Rinspeed after seeing the 308CC recently while whale watching off the coast of France.

  5. From the rear, with the top down, it looks just like one of the slippers I got my little one for Christmas.

  6. Well, there are better looking convertibles here in Europe. Just don’t like the recent Peugeot design, but the chief-designer has already anounced that they will change the design significantly and turn their back on the huge mouth and too large headlamps. Good news.

  7. its what the toyota paseo and/or mr2 should have been. that camroid convertible, solstice or whatever sludgy coyote called it was a dud too…..junk is junk.Admit it Tim Paul

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