Production Volt???

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This was sent to me by a reader.

And I hope it isn’t the real thing. What a let down it would be from the concept.
Let’s hope this is just another “student project” from someone who just got to play with a 3D program over the summer.

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  1. i highly doubt that this is a poduction 3D render…

    the volt needs to have a much lower cw…!!!!

    with a regular sedan shape it will have a huge drag coefficient…

  2. and the tires are an other giveaway that it’s not real… those wide tires would eat into the range a lot!!!

  3. Looks like some kid got to play with a 3D program, Vince. From what I can see, with the Volt project GM is way beyond playing with a $100 computer program and looking at a silvered-out first grader’s video.

  4. It look like his could be a good interpretation of the Volt project. Also has some good elements that could be used in a replacement 9-3 or even smaller 9-2 project.

  5. Totally not real. Don’t worry, Vince. It would be so impractical to have the Volt shaped like that. Imagine the drag coefficient alone…

  6. Definitely 100% not from GM. The sloppy seams (and general lack of precision) are actually hard to do in the software GM designers use (Alias), and are more indicative of someone (poorly) poly-mesh modeling the car (not the way any real car makers do it, though it works well if you do it right).

  7. Well, the Volt concept isn’t a practical car and the final Volt won’t look much like the concept at all.

    GM has a long history of showing off slick concepts with only their names surviving. The final products typically disappoint.

    The car in the video looks like a Corolla–certainly not bad–but bland as tub of dishwater.

    The Volt MUST be more creative that that or get such high gas mileage that it’s MPG alone will sell the car–unlikely, I fear.

  8. Even if this is not from GM (which it’s obviously not, the poster of the vid in Youtube actually said it’s his own work), I think it is necessary to assume and accept that the production car will not look very much like the concept, because the design of the concept had many features which are too radical for mass production. Anyone expecting the production car to be faithful to the concept WILL feel let down.

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