Return of Datsun

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Not really.
This is just a student project.

But the idea of using Datsun as an extra brand to compete with Scion has been out there for a while.

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  1. Nissan truely builds a world class car, and according to consumer reports, builds a better car than accord or camry in the altima’s segment. however, one can’t help to feel and believe that if it was still called Datsun, they would be much much more successful, as in relation to toyota levels in sales. Previous to the name change toyota and Datsun swapped the worldwide sales crown almost yearly for Japanese cars. It was like starting over when they changed the name. that idiot should be hunted down and shot!

  2. I don’t think their lack of the name datsun has anything to do with their lag in sales, in comparison to honda and toyota. the reason would lye in the fact that toyota and honda build much better cars in the 90’s, in terms of styling and features. nissan engines have always been exceptional but their line up throughout the 90’s was not fantastic. the only cars which i found semi appealing would be the 300zx and the 240sx, but they were more niche cars, not so much to everyone’s liking. i think nissan has begun a huge turnaround in the last few years and is not one of the top. honda is always my favorite but i am starting to drift from it. just my opinion anyway.

  3. Well it was a silly business decision then back in the 70’s or 80’s.
    A revival of the brand isn’t a silly idea.
    But will anybody listen enough for it to happen.

  4. Looks like they borrowed the side window shape from the toyota prius.
    Not a bad looking modified prius.

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