Revised BMW 3 series

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Just slight revisions in the front and back.
Trying to make the sedan just a little bit more like the much better looking coupe.
It still doesn’t look great, but at least the lights in the back don’t look as cheap and ugly as before…

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  1. I’m sure I was one of those who complained about the original’s tail lights looking off the wall and plain, but I grew to love them as I started to understand the design…it was a mix of the L-shape with the look of the mid 90’s tail light design. But it seems they were able to kinda fake the last gen L’s a little bit by simply changing the size of the reverse light area…..but it looks kinda strange.

  2. The E46 or previous model was BMWs highpoint in styling. The tailights or face on back of that car look like an overfed angry yuppy. There is no elegance or penache in this body style. The coupe is much better.

  3. It appears to still look like an economy car. The last generation 3 series was stunning and refined. This looks like it could be Korean.

  4. The original tail lights looked like they should have been on a Hyundai, not a BMW. I never got the mis aligned tail light treatment, it always looked like the trunk was replaced with one from a different year and the lights didn’t line up. This looks a little better.

  5. BMW and Acura designers should get together and produce even more hideous designs. Together they produce either the ugliest or most boring designs in the automotive world. Why the Chinese would copy this garbage I will never know.

  6. The 1 and 3 have this “pot belly pig” look that I simply don’t like. The 3 coupe is not as bad, and the larger sedans seems not to have it. I know that this is caused by pushing the wheel base length out and having smaller overhangs. For some reason it looks sporty on other brands, but on BMW it is starting to make the cars look portly.

  7. BMW’s are portly. Very heavy and they’re so bloated, you can barely move inside them. I used to think their designs were interesting, but seems like they reversed course and let Toyota steal their look. I’m sure they drive great, but so do lots of cars. Another ‘also ran’ to add to the list of the not impressive.

  8. After looking at more pictures of this car on other websites, it does look a little nicer. Not that I would run out and get one… but it does look better.

  9. really, admit it, it looks like last generation echo sedan from that sludgy company. if you have a problem with a toyota, it’s your fault….not toyotas

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