Saab 9.3 Diesel Convertible test drive

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I have been driving the Saab convertible for a couple of days now.
So I have a few early comments.

It is a very solid car. With a very smooth ride. The steering is a bit light, but precise.
And also a bit too sensitive to roads irregularities.
The GM transmission is as usual very smooth and quick to downshift.

The interior is a bit mixed. It looks very nice. The seats are amazing. But some of the plastic bits feel a bit cheap.
Especially the turn signal. It would be OK in a $20 000 car, but this would cost about $45 000 in the US.
The price of this car here is about 42 000 Euros. Which is over $60 000!

Now for the engine.
I was really curious to drive a diesel in a convertible.
It is mostly great. With plenty of power with no turbo lag. Pretty much Lexus quiet on the freeway.
But when you drive slow, with the top down.. You hear it. That strange trucky tractor like sound of the diesel.

Sure, it is light years away from what it used to be. But it seems that most of the quiet feel is due to great insulation.
Once the top is down and you drive really slow, or stop, it is there.
I must say I have already almost gotten used to it.

And with mostly freeway driving, I am getting well over 40MPG.
So it is an acceptable trade off.

More later.

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  1. no one cares about saab or subaru or whatever its called. it’s not swedish anymore, it’s not born of jets….junk is junk and very ugly to boot!

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