Too good to be true

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All these cool Mazda3 pictures turned out to be fake. Sorry, I didn’t know.

Supposedly they came from some guy called “Grif-1”.
One of the best fake I’ve ever seen. Looks like he used Photoshop and 3D studio max.

Too bad. I think the real thing will be quite a let down compared to this.

You just can’t trust anything….

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  1. If something is too good to be true, it probably is. It’s a philosophy that’s never seemed to fail.

    It’s actually quite a let-down. Mazda is pretty good with addressing the issue of boring design, but even they wont be able to make something like this reach production.

  2. Someone should hire that guy. If he can design something that good, automakers should pay him to work for them. Instead they hire boring old men to design cars. – RPM

  3. I’m relieved that this is just someone’s speculation and not the real deal. The car in the pictures was hideous and totally unworthy of being associated with the best looking car in the mainstream compact segment.

  4. Hey Grif-1, can you tell us if you got your idea to make a Mazda 3 version from the current mule that Honda is now designing. If the rest of you only knew how close these pictures are to the 4th generation CR-V.

  5. Haha, that last comment about the Chinese was great!
    Although I wouldn’t like this design as the next Mazda 3, this guy did an excellent job! Someone needs to hire him yesterday!

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