VW Gol anyone?

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Besides the cheesy Brazilian ads with a weird 62 year old Stallone complete with face lift and plugs (I just know what I read…), the Gol could make a good sub Rabbit car in te US.
Why not???

What do you think?

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  1. I like it… but what are the chances of VW bringing this to USA? I guess if they paid attention to gas prices here, and with Toyota is going to bring out a 5 door Yaris to USA(for example)…

  2. I actually kind of like this, but the Gol is more of a developing-country market car, and it fits underneath the Polo in the range, so I say bring the Polo first, and then maybe the Gol would be good as an even smaller and cheaper model. That way-VW would have a small car trinity- (Jetta/)Rabbit-Polo-Gol(maybe rename it “Goal”)

  3. Yes.
    With the new 5 door Fiesta, 5 door Yaris, etc, coming out in 09(?)…. maybe VW will decide to give the GOL a try here in the USA?
    I would consider checking the GOL out for a possible purchase.

  4. I drove a Gol when I lived in Uruguay and really liked it. It’s much more substantial than the Chevy Corsa that I also had for sometime. And you can get 5 people inside, even with the 2 door!

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