2009 Honda Civic sedan (US)

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A slightly revised front end.
That’s pretty much the big news for 2009.

Now it looks more like the Kia Forte…

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  1. I seriously don’t even know why they wasted their money on such a limited refresh. That was money they could have invested in the next generation. This car would have been fine w/o it. Not many cars can get away with such a feat either, but Honda could have conserved their budget on this one. It’s been done before successfully and there have been failures. I’m sure even in 10 years, the 2006 Civic will still be a good looker around still bland 2016 Corollas.

  2. Strange. I could stomach the front end of the Civic Sedan, but the greenhouse and butt of the sedan makes it look more retarded than douchebag jones.

    The Civic coupe, on the other had, is sexy as hell. They should have refreshed the sedan with the coupe’s butt and called it a day.

  3. …A 4 door Accord coupe would have looked good now and last generation.

    I still don’t understand them going backwards and no longer giving the Accord LED tail lights. On the website, they noted it as a safety feature!

  4. Honda likes going retrograde. In 1994-97, the EX Accord had a more powerful four-cylinder engine. 2003-07, all four-cylinder Accords had the same VTEC engine. After 2008, if you want the most powerful four-cylinder engine, you have to get the EX. Why?

    As far as the Civic goes, we should have gotten the same lighted grille/fascia that they got in Europe. It looked much less generic.

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