2009 Honda Fit pricing.

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Not bad at all.

The only thing missing is the super cool extra large glass roof available in Japan….
Why can’t we have that as an option at least???

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  1. Can anyone explain why the automatic has better mileage than manual for both city and highway?

    Nowadays I see this more often. I wonder if the EPA testing screws this up and at a speed that might be just unfavorable for manual gear. I can’t imagine you couldn’t get equal or better mileage with manual?

  2. Automatics can get better fuel mileage a lot depends on the final drive ratio of the gears. Then what exact condtions the EPA uses to calculate the fuel economy. For drivers in everyday situations, a manual transmission is not likely to provide any difference in fuel economy over an automatic transmission. The reason is that to achieve the optimum fuel efficiency a driver has to execute shifts at precise engine rpms (revolutions per minute). Given the challenges of city driving conditions, most drivers won’t be able to realize greater fuel economy with a manual gearbox.

  3. I’m surprised you didn’t rip the Fit for having a rear spoiler the way you did the Yaris.

  4. The only redeign flaw on the 2009 Fit is the location of the rear quarter windows. Because of the greater upward slope of the beltline the windows are actually too high up for real world visability.

  5. Any engineers know if that spoiler decreases the cars wind resistance or is just a peice of strange econobox bling???

  6. Because Honda does not do options, Vince. You should know this…

    Also, no one in America is going to pay the premium for that pano roof. We don’t like high feature, small vehicles here yet as the Europeans do. If we are paying more money we expect a bigger vehicle…

  7. Really looking forward to test driving one of these. I love the current one, and this looks better in pretty much every respect.

  8. Yeah the Yaris certainly deserves a ripping for having a rear spoiler. It has zero sporty intentions, but still tries to look sporty. Even the base fit is a hoot to drive. From what I have read the ’09 is even sportier with more low-end and mid-range umph!

  9. Vince, check out the new euro civic at autoexpress.co.uk and what was the reason Honda did not bring the current euro civic to the U.S.?

  10. I don’t get it…Burlapp saying something nice about another Honda? First the City and now this! Maybe, just maybe this site isn’t as biased as I first believed!

  11. “what was the reason Honda did not bring the current euro civic to the U.S.?”

    Because the sporty looking civics were being stolen in the US by the retarded children who don’t like low end torque and like the sound of a dying cow exhaust note. Honda had to uglify their civic for the US market just so the childish scumbags would stop stealing them.

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