2009 Honda Ridgeline

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New front. Inside new steering wheel and a few more things…
I almost forgot, three more HP!!!

Not a big deal..

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  1. I borrowed a friend’s Ridgeline for a week-long camping vacation in spring. The looks never really grew on me, but this thing performed flawlessly and got relatively good fuel economy.

    At least it looks better than an Avalanche and has a higher quality feel to everything.

  2. I don’t think it looks nearly as good as the (recently refreshed) Avalanche. I would agree though, that the first Avalanche was hideous. The Ridgline is just a terrible looking vehicle with an interior that just isn’t nice. Is it selling at all? I’ve seen only maybe two dozen since it launched. I can’t fault Honda for trying to be different, but this is just visual pollution.

  3. I see a lot of Ridgelines in my area and I happen to like the looks of it a lot. I know someone who has one as their main vehicle and he has a 1000 acre farm, he doesn’t use it as his tow vehicle (has a F-350) but he loves it and it takes him everywhere on his property.

  4. i wonder what the 2009 civic will look like. my guess is that honda will just import a left-hand-driver version of the japanese civic sedan with its droopy headlights, oversized tailights, and good-looking type r (Si) performance variant

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