2009 Toyota Yaris 5 door S

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That “S” package looks pretty horrible.
I mean how much crap can you ad to this little car to make it look like ass.

I hope they still have a “regular” model available…

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  1. Vince, the car looks like Ass anyway so nothing can make it look worse! It’s not even built by Toyota but the sheeple will buy it anyway!

  2. I’d MUCH rather have the Fiesta, now THAT is a great looking small car.

    BTW, it is add, Vince. Two D’s. You really should proof your work before you publish it.

  3. yikes. the yaris is a cute little car in basic models, who wants all these spoilers and crap all over it? price it the same, take off the spoilers and dumb wing, and add more standard (useful) equipment. owners who like this stuff will go aftermarket, guess toyota’s trying to keep those dollars in-house…

  4. I agree that it looks like ass. It is starting to look more and more like 1/2 of the European small cars that have the same amount of plastic hanging off of them.

  5. I mean this looks like a child’s toy. Who would lower themselves to be seen in this. What would it say about your character.

  6. The yaris has a unfair disadvantage to the other models as the yaris has been out nearly 3 years into its model life whereas the ford fiesta, etc are all unreleased brand spanking new models. The current model yaris has been one of the top small car sellers in every country it has been released.
    I drove one of these for a few weeks and the quality and feel was superior to other small cars in its class.
    And the centre instrument cluster is just about easier to use than the standard conventional. You arn’t taking your eyes off the road nearly as much.

  7. Who would lower themselves to be seen in this. What would it say about your character.

    Grow up.

    The Yaris will meet the needs of a lot of people, and they’ll be happy with it as reliable, economical transportation that’ll ferry them to work and the grocery just fine.

  8. Maybe the people who negatively comment on this vehicle are jelous that their favored brands are not doing so well.

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