2009 Yaris 5 door prices

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It’ll start at $13, 305. And that includes the 5 speed auto. So a manual should be even cheaper. (If you can find one..)
The horrible looking S model, with all the added spoilers and side skirts will go for $15 125. Also with an automatic
MPG should be 29/35 City/Hwy.
Which is good but not amazing.

I did get 40 MPG Hwy in my Focus test drive. Which was better than the official numbers.
So it might also be possible to get better numbers with the Yaris.

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  1. Before I’d buy this hideous heap, I’d either:

    1) get a Fit, or better yet
    2) wait for the Fiesta.

    Yari all look so damn lame.

  2. Seems cheaper than a Versa AND Fit. It doesn’t look too bad w/o all the crap. No matter what WE may say, they will sell.

  3. The yaris has the unfair disdvantage of being just over halfway through its model life so it isnt going to look quite as flash as its competitors brand new unreleased models.
    But they drive and feel more superior than a majority of other small cars i have driven.

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