2009 Yaris 5 door

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Just some new pictures of the “non S” version, without all the crap like spoilers and skirts around.
A much better and cleaner look.
Already popular in Canada and Europe. It might be quite a hit for Toyota in the US.

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  1. Actually Yaris sales are bit down in Europe (as is the Corolla). Toyota in general is not doing too great in Europe due to lack of new models in ’08 (Avensis has been delayed to ’09).

    More popular is the AYGO (yes you can go even smaller and cheaper). The iQ is coming as well when you just thought you couldn’t get smaller than that again…

  2. What would be great is if Toyota could offer a small car with the style of the Mini, without the Mini price. This looks a bit dull, even for an economy car.

  3. The yaris has the unfair disadvantage of being over halfway through its model life. So its not going to look quite as flash as its competitors brand new unreleased models.
    This model has been around worldwide for about 2 and a half years.Including canada.

  4. The most annoying thing with the Yaris is the fact that the instrument cluster is in the middle. Other than that it is a pretty good commuter car and very roomy.

  5. Red is pretty; but AMF has a similar Golf Cart that holds just as many clubs and gets even better mileage!

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