2010 Buick Lacrosse

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With the hood open.
Looks like it was caught in a factory or something…

It does look much better than the current model, but is it enough really?
The Malibu is a hit, but it is much cheaper.
I’m not sure Buick has the image to go against Lexus. And that’s what GM has been mentioning.

More pictures when you click on the title. Taking you to Car and Driver.

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  1. not great. nice and chunky, but is that what people who buy Buick want? not innovative or futuristic, either.

  2. I’m stunned at how good looking this car is. This is the first time in my life I would consider a Buick. Maybe it’s because I’m 44 years old, but this car is very nice.

    Is GM back?

  3. This front looks too short and high to be the Lacrosse, looks like the front end of a minivan or a cross-over. Not bad looking though.

  4. Nice styling, but are you sure this isn’t a minivan? Mabey an MPV for China only — since GM sells more Buicks in China then they do in the US, Canada, and Europe COMBINED.

  5. So they’re sticking with the LaCrosse name for the US huh? That’s a shame.. Invicta would have been much more effective in marketing this all-new design, or even just renaming it Allure like the Canadian version would have been fine.

  6. Buick will really be back when it renames:
    -Lucerne “Electra”
    -Enclave “Roadmaster”
    -Lacrosse “Invicta”
    -Invicta-based coupe “Riviera”

    I agree that this front end is too high to be the Invicta.

  7. Where, may I ask, are all the old GM names????? Remember Rendesvous, Grand Prix, Cavalier, Park Avenue, Aztek, fiero…etc… Is it because all these cars faired very poorly in reliability? I think maybe, You?

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