2010 Cadillac SRX

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The next SRX will be based on a slightly smaller platform that will also be used for the Saab 9.4.
The SRX name is also a late minute change. This was to be a smaller crossover than the current SRX. But it now will replace the “old”SRX.
I guess that’s not a bad move.
not sure about engines yet. But the 3.6 liter V6 is a good bet. Which means it won’t be that much better than the current model as far as gas mileage goes.
Let’s hope they also offer a smaller engine.
The Saab version is scheduled to offer a 2.0 Liter Turbo…

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  1. Wow….this looks amazing…I hope it carries over the CTS interior styling…which is the best in its class. This surpasses the Lexus RX, Benz GLK, Acura RX, Audi Q5,and the outdated BMW X3…but it matches up with the Infiniti FX and the upcoming Volvo XC60 quite well. GM definitely has a winner, I still think it should have been called the BRX. And a larger version crossover to match Audi Q7 or Merceds MLK could have worked. Although I like the CTS wagon, Most americans shy away from the wagon moniker, the only success that was recent was the Dodge Magnum, and f’n Chrysler exed it!

  2. It’s exactly what I expected, and therefore I’m bored. Looks cheap. Feels like a Saturn to me.

  3. I like the front and I like the rear. But there is something common looking about the side. I think it’s the side vents that is cheapening it a bit.

  4. Yes but did GM sells alot of these ‘old’ SRX? I don’t see any in my neck of the wood. And I do think the wagon (posted a few thread above) is prettier and more compelling.

  5. I agree about the side view. It has too much Ford Edge/Lincoln MKX to it for me, and I think they look too hump backed. I’m hoping it looks better in person.

  6. Back end remins me of the Dodge Caliber. No thanks….

    I don’t get American luxury. More chrome and bigger wheels does not = a nicer vehicle…

  7. Cadillac’s dumb luck seems to have run out.. I think the side vent is what kills the overall design, because most Cadillacs have an upper fender vent connected to the end of the window line. Placing the vent so close to the front wheel not only accentuates that this is basically a FWD design, but also that it shares so much with its lesser Saturn stablemate. But I bet it will still steal sales from the MKX, since that looks too much like the Edge.

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