2010 Ford Fusion

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Once again, they changed the best part of the car: the front end.

The interior is also new, but from the spy pics I’ve seen, not that amazing…

I’ll report on it much more when I see it for myself at the L.A AutoShow…

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  1. This is definetly looking better than the cheap, warped grill of the earlier photos. I think this car will look pretty good when it’s done.

  2. Vince, I think the front layout leaves the awkward prior front end in the dust. The old front end was a series of shaped that did not come together well. This looks like it will be nice.

    I hope they laid to rest the hideous rear end also, and gave it a fresh, sporty interior.

  3. I like the revised front a lot better. I’m really hoping Ford puts an aluminum or stainless-steel looking grill over the shiney chrome. I’m looking forward to seeing the official pictures, especially the interior

  4. How long have you been reading this site??

    Go into the archives and read my glowing review of the Fusion when it first came out.
    Just because I like the current front end makes me “just not like the Fusion”.???

    Are you that much of an idiot???

  5. you made the statement that Ford has changed ‘the best part of the car: the front end’

    so back yourself up!

    How does this look worse than the current look??

  6. You got me there.
    I can’t back it up…
    It’s just a matter of taste…

    Just like this whole site.
    It’s just about what I like and don’t like.
    That’s all.

    These are just cars you know. We’re not trying to find a cure for cancer here…

  7. I know that.

    You just have a habit of putting your opinion across as a matter of fact.

    If you don’t want others opinions, maybe you shouldn’t have a comments section in each vehicle review?

  8. Don’t worry, Vince. You only have to look at it for 2 years. This design gets replaced in 2012 when the Fusion and Mondeo merge platforms.

  9. You tell ’em, Vince!!!

    By-the-way, I like the new front end compared to the old one. This new front end looks a bit more aggressive where the old one looked more cartoonish in my eyes…

  10. I is just a matter of taste, personally I alway thought the fusion front looked a little stiff. This change to me seems to going the direction of the mondeo, and looks more dynamic, and sporty. But that is why God made apples and oranges!:)

  11. imho Fomoco could be (with the CD3 vehicles) back to the successes of the 60's – where each generation is a new classic – and with time, each will be seen as equally outstanding & each will just have those that prefer one over the other

    – particularly thinking of gen1 vs gen2 comparo's of the then 68/69 COUGARs & the now
    09/10 MILANs styling

  12. Theres those camry headlights again.
    Maybe toyota started a trend with those, they are popping up on quite a few new models.

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