2010 Grand Cherokee to be car based

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Something that would have been unthinkable just a couple of years ago.
The next version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee will be based on a car platform.

Of course, it does make plenty of sense. But Jeeps are not really known for making sense.
I think, sooner or later, every single SUV will be on the “car based menu”…

It’s about time.

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  1. Why? You say that it’s about time for all SUVs to be car-based (notice they hyphen) but you don’t support your argument. Is it fuel efficiency, ride, handling, or some other attribute?

  2. Not yet.
    But the 300 is scheduled for a redesigned at about the same time. So why not…
    The Grand Cherokee might end up turning into a Crossover version of the 300…

  3. That may sound good, but what about those who need something (NOT a pickup)
    which can tow over 5000 lbs?
    What car-based SUV can do that?

  4. ‘About time’ for who?

    There will be a body-on-frame SUV for those who tow big stuff. The Suburban/expedition-type will remain.

  5. we all have to rethink trucks and 4×4’s. europe knows all about this. my cousin was here from Italy and asked what a nissan frontier was? most suvs and trucks can be car based, I have said this for years.

  6. I’m not surprised because of where Ford is taking the Explorer…But each car manufacturer has to keep at least ONE SUV for people to tow their boats with that don’t want a truck bed.

  7. It should be interesting to see how a full-sized SUV like the Cherokee is going to do once it’s converted over to the a “crossover.”

  8. That is fine. Most people don’t take a Cherokee off road or row a big rig anyway. Now it would be sad if the Wrangler is going car-based!!!!

  9. The Wrangler will always be a truck underneath.. so that will be available for the diehards that actually tow, fjord and climb. When was the last time you saw a Grand Cherokee doing any of those things? As long as Jeep can keep the Grand Cherokee crossover “trail rated” (as they managed to do with the Patriot) they should still sell well.

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