2010 Mazda 3

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These are just computer generated illustrations/pics from a toy manufacturer. So the actual thing is a bit different.
But still,it shows Mazda decided to to move too far from the current design. Not a bad thing for once. The current 3 hatch is still one of the best looking compact cars out there….

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  1. If that’s it, then I’m dissapointed. I love the current 3, but I was hopeing for something like that first rendering you had a while back. This looks nothing more than a mild freshening.

  2. I wish these images weren’t accurate.. but from the spy shots we’ve been seeing, it definitely appears to be very similar. Looks like Mazda has moved away from the two-tiered strategy of the last Mazda3, where the sedan had completely different sheetmetal than the CUV-like hatch (including hood/fenders/doors etc.) because the greenhouse and beltline of the hatch sat a few inches higher. This time it appears the hatch is built lower like the sedan, leaving the CUV duties to the Mazda5 (and probably saving lots of $$ in the process). I wish Mazda had taken more styling chances this time, but who can argue with success? The current 5-year-old model is still top of its class.

  3. Not really much different from the existing one. They have just added a quarter window in to the rear door. Actually they might have borrowed the side windows from the rav4

  4. Success? The current Mazda3 hatch was only moderately successful in the US and perhaps Australia. In ASEAN countries and Europe it never was a competitor. From those images it looks like the current Mazda3 blended with the new US Mazda6. I hope it looks a lot better when Mazda shows us actual photos cause i don’t like what I see now. Detailing is fussy and it looks like a current 3 in mutant form. First the DULL new Golf and now an ugly evolution of the 3.

  5. another car that looks like it is build for the 3dr worls just look at the ugly c na cheap looking wheels not for the americn market

  6. First of all, it’s a toy, so those obviously won’t be the wheels on the production model. This is a successful car, so why mess with success by throwing the current design completely in the trash. Look at how the Chrysler vans are doing with their return to boxy style. Yeah, I thought so.

  7. d jones, the “ugly c na cheap wheels” are plastic.. as is the rest of the car, which is a scale model of the actual thing. Did you not read what Vince wrote?

  8. Damn. In recent years it seemed that Mazda could do no wrong, but this is all thay’ve been able to come up with for the new 3, it is extremely disappointing. Damn, damn, damn.

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