All new Acura TL interior

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I am not sure what to say.

But it does look like it was designed by a Klingon.

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  1. Where’s the bloodwine holders?

    It does look better on the inside than on the outside though. The old TL had one of the best looking interiors around. Oh look everyone…another confusing looking center stack!

  2. At first, I thought this was a shot of the 09 TSX, but looking closer, I see a couple things that are different. The first thing I see is the S2000 styled ‘Start’ button! That’s pretty cool! I have always thought that they should have added that to ALL of their models back in the early 2000’s. Now it just seems too little to late. Everyone else has already added that to their vehicles. Even Nissan has a keyless sensor setup one their cars.

  3. How does it look like it was designed by a klingon, Vince?

    Looks pretty damn good to me… I’d take this over the poorly built G35 any day of the week.

  4. SoH ghaj lIj tuq tlhej vam!

    Translation: You have disgraced your father’s house with this bad design!

  5. No, no…..if this were a Romulan design you would see more green accents, this is definetly Klingon.

  6. Some people need to get a life, I think the haze above the glove box is drawing your attention to the objects that seem to be juxtaposed in this photo…which was taken by a Chinese camera…look @ the logo.

  7. Looks like the housing around the speedometer is falling off…could it have been designed to look like this? Overall I’d have to say its pretty awful…just like its grille up front.

  8. My biggest complaint about my 2008 TL is the interior is WAY to busy. There are labels everywhere telling you it is DVD, surround yadda yadda yadda. The button you use are tiny and the ones you never touch are huge. This interior is almost identicle to my friends RSX. Once again over the top, less is truely more.

  9. Less would mean BMW idrive or Audi MMI where you need to talk or go through several menu’s to change even basic stuff like tuning the radio or change fan settings…

    The RSX interior is much cheaper (although I wish they would bring it back). This is very much same as the new TSX and current MDX.

  10. Vince, Wait til you see the updated ‘Bird of Prey’ the Klingons got their mits into when they release the 2009 Element!

  11. No the is happy median between idrive and pure clutter. Cars that display good taste yet get the job done would be Volvo, Jag, Fiat and even some french cars!!!!

    The center stack is pretty much the RDX, right down to the new shifter. Which the new on in the RDX is much better than the current TL’s shifter, this is an improvement.

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