All new Acura TL video

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That front end is still disturbing to me.

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  1. I’m sorry, but if the TL competes with all the cars he mentioned (3 series, C-class, A4, etc), what does the TSX compete against? The TL looks waaaay to big to go up against those cars.

    Plus, it’s ugly – so the customer will have no problems standing out.

  2. The video is not very clear, but, I have to admit it will be a looker and unique. I take back my previous negative comment about the grill. On my list after it breaks ground.

  3. I like this car… Diferent desing and looks cool for me, more than i’m expected from spy shots… good job acura..!

  4. The acura guy speaks like a sales retard who only read a brochure. He comes off as someone who only knows superficial points.

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