All new Golf/Rabbit not so new…

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It’s pretty obvious here.
What they call an all new car is really a pretty extensive “facelift” that includes an all new interior.
It seems that all the windows are the same.

Similar to what we’ll see with the “all new” 2010 Mustang….

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  1. What more can you do with it…Like Porsche 911, there is a basic look to it that does not change.

  2. Evolutionary over revolutionary. It’s a good basic design to start with so I guess they figure, why fix what is’nt broken. I just wish the US dollar was in better shape so that a nicely equiped GTI/GLI was cheaper.

  3. Times are tough. Everybody’s pumping more money into the Middle East by purchasing all that expensive fuel, and I applaud VW for slickifying their timeless hatch design with some improvements. It is definitely cheaper to go with carryover components than to do an entirely new car.

    They should go back to the Golf name in the US, too…

  4. i remember reading a couple of years ago that this Golf was going to share a lot with the old one, and wouldn’t be an all-new model, but mainly being revamped to make it cheaper to build, and area where it lagged behind its competitors. this isn’t a surprise, but a little disappointing from VW

  5. Did seem a little too soon for an all-new Golf. That said, this is the first Golf ever to be extensively facelifted during its life cycle. All past Golfs have had little or no facelifting during their lifetimes.

  6. ben, I read the same thing.. but what is the point of regrooving the door skins and bodysides, changing the taillight shapes and hatch cutlines, and restyling the interior if they were trying to SAVE money? Particularly if they weren’t going to do anything noticeable.. they would have saved more money by leaving these minor details alone! Either way, if VW actually believes this “MK6” facelift will be enough to get them through another 5 years in today’s competitive market, they have another think coming.

  7. Hey that *is* weak. Different taillights, the trendy removal of the door rub strips and yet the current car looks better- whoops!

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