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I usually do not like small sedan . I prefer hatchbacks.
But this fit based small sedan just looks ready for the US market.
Sure, the new Fit looks great. But the US is still a mostly sedan market. And I think Honda should offer this new City over here as a sub-Civic model.

That front end alone looks really nice. It should be the new Honda face on all their models.

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  1. Bring this to North America! The 92-95 Civic or even the 96-00 Civics were the right size, the new ones are too big. This car needs to be here right now, we already have the (ugly) Fit, bring this car here, and people will buy it for sure!

  2. This looks great, cleaner styling than the Accord.

    I sell Hondas and would love to have this on the lot. I have a lot of Honda customers that rue the fact that the Civic has grown. Many wish that there were smaller options than just the Fit.

    The JDP Stream has been rumored to be headed to the states for some time, any word on that from your sources, Vince?

  3. This would be great for the U.S. They can’t say it’s too small because it should be the same size as the Civic’ of the 90’s.

  4. actually in the U.S. the small sedans are not selling nearly as well as their hatchback counterparts. I think the mix is like 80/20 hatchback/sedan.

  5. “They can’t say it’s too small because it should be the same size as the Civic’ of the 90’s.”

    The beginning of the 90’s is almost 20 years ago.

    The early 90’s is when mom’s started buying Excursions en masse. Safety requirements have changed, and the overall average mass of vehicles has changed.

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