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Finally an official shot from Toyota.

The “smaller than our Camry” sedan looks much more interesting than the current model.
I wonder if our Camry will keep on growing anymore once gas hits $5 a gallon.
Maybe it wouldn’t be such a horrible idea to base the US Camry on this.

What do you think?

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  1. Both Camry and Accord are great cars that have become too big. They hit a sweet spot in size somewhere in the ’80s and ’90s, but grew too much since then.

    Would be good to see these cars get back to what made them popular in the first place.

  2. with shrinking birthrate in the US and around the globe, this would make a great choice. it seems manufacturers perpetually enlarge every new iteration with impunity. at this rate, i wouldn’t be surprised to see the iQ the size of a Sequoia in 20 years.

    Enough is enough!

  3. That’s a Toyota?!? Damn!

    Very nice looking car. No ridiculous overhangs. No awkward creases. The wheels don’t look too small for the body. In other words, it looks nothing like the Toyota’s sold in the U.S. for last decade.

    Amazing. That’s the first Toyota I’ve seen in YEARS that I would buy on looks alone.

  4. Very nice. It looks much more luxurious and sporty. It looks more Lexus than Toyota though. Could this be a IS replacement??

  5. What do I think? I think it’s boring looking, but still a thousand times better that the ass-looking Camry.

  6. I agree that the Accord and Camary have become too large and bloated. However, the number of buyers would say otherwise. I think the European Camary looks far more interesting that the model we get.

  7. Call this the Camry and Call the Camry the Avalon and call it a day! No need to retool for an extended wheelbase Camry! Money is saved all around!

  8. Maybe its just me, but there is a lot of the old US Mazda6 influence in the rear of this vehicle, not that it is a bad thing. It is a nice looking vehicle indeed.

  9. This is not an IS replacement.Its a medium sized car smaller than a camry. The Avensis name was introduced about a decade ago to replace the Corona when toyota decided to update a few of the model names. ie Starlet changed to Echo/Yaris. The corolla name was saved for obvious reasons.
    The Avensis is about the same size as a Mazda 6

  10. seemed OK at first…
    but the entire beltline-shoulder & into that rear bumper look very overwrought
    plus I expect the front to be [strike]disgusting[/strike] …umm… less-than-attractive

  11. I use the term “Camryfication” when describing the pleated-chino-wearing, Olive Garden eating, shopping-mall wandering, low-standard Toyota driving lemming masses. This is in a class way above the Camry and it would help their design-challenged showroom to have something like this in it. I don’t think much of Toyota but, in spite of that, I think this is really very sharp.

  12. Toyota should rebadge the xD and xB as Toyota products and transform the Scion brand into a sporty, Euro influenced brand with this sedan as its first product. As long as it had Mazda-like driving dynamics, I would consider buying it. The platform could be used to create a coupe-cabrio and sporty crossover to complete the new Scion lineup.

    This would provide a nice alternative to the bland, appliance-like Toyota brand offerings.

  13. The Avensis, for those that have been outside this country, has always looked nice and more aggressive than the Camry. I have always wondered why we settle for crappy designs here like the Camry. It must be our taste, I guess.

  14. The comment above about re-positioning Scion is an interesting one, especially since even Toyota admits that Scion is “drifting” a bit at the moment.

    Toyota has pigeon-holed their cars, but not in the way that most people think. Toyota worries about the age of their average buyer, but what they should really be concerned about is the fact that anyone wishing to buy a car with “interesting” or “fun” driving dynamics need not even set one foot in a Toyota showroom.

    I’m not especially well-versed in Toyota’s Euro and JDM cars, but I have to believe that they have some cars somewhere that, like the best Mazda has to offer (3, 6 and Miata), are greater then the sum of their part’s from a “Driver’s Car” standpoint.

    If Toyota is hopelessly stuck being the 21st century Buick, then quit worrying about “hip” and “young” (two demo’s that are impossible to hold onto for very long anyway) and start thinking about building small, efficient, attractive cars, that might not have class leading power, but have that something “special” that leaves a huge, permanent grin etched across your face every time you get behind the wheel.

    That’s a mission for Scion that I could get behind and believe in 100%.

    I realize that it’s only worked marginally well for Mazda, but it did save them from disaster a decade ago.

    Of course, they still don’t have the marketing resources that Toyota does, and can’t focus exclusively on it within their main brand. (I’m sorry, but the Mazda5, CX-7 and CX-9 just don’t fit the “driver’s car” profile laid out above.)

    Ford’s showing small signs of getting it, and it appears they may be doing something very similar to this with Mercury, but it’s going to take at least 3 years. Toyota could re-position Scion faster then that if it chose to do so.

  15. not too shabby. too bad they don’t have more divisions, so that they could sell this one here, too. Scion (chevy) Toyota (Buick) Lexus (Cadillac) and Avensis (Saturn) woohooo!

  16. I’m surprised about the positive comments (mostly) of the styling. I find it very derivitive and boring personally and not different from Toyota’s typical safe and boring style, or lack thereof.

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