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All new is really a matter of speech. It is based on the current platform and doesn’t really look more modern.

But then again, the “new” Golf always looks kind of lame. They are never the most exciting cars in their class.
So this might look a bit better in person.
I think the interior is a step up. But a tiny one.

This thing should go on sale here next year. It will compete with much better looking cars like the new Astra (coming here), the new Mazda 3 and the new Euro Focus (also coming here).

I predict tough times ahead for VW…

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  1. Everything you see is new. Not just a facelift.

    What you can’t see is updated from the current model. Platform, engines etc…

  2. i actually enjoy this design and consider it to be a handsome welcome in the compact hatch arena. not bulbous, gaudy, or over-the-top wanna-be outrageous. but smart, clean, and modern– the way an efficient vehicle should be.

  3. I like this. It’s pretty cool how each new Golf/Rabbit doesn’t change much from the last one. But they do get progressively more modern as they evolve. There is a lot more demand for cars like this lately, and the competition will get more fierce. But that doesn’t mean that we’ll be seeing outlandish designs. I’d love to see this in GTI form.

  4. wow im surprised VW actually took a step back with this. The previous one IS better looking than this…

  5. It’s NOT all-new. It carries over the platform, architecture, glasshouse and roof panel from the Mk V Golf.

    Only the body panels and interior have been changed. This design was all about making the car more profitable for Volkswagen, and for that you can read spending the minimum possible outlay on developing it.

  6. I bought a candy white MK5 GTI and it was the biggest mistake I have ever made. My local dealership is no help and I have an electrical problem that can’t be sourced. It has numerous squeaks and rattles that the dealership(s) can’t seem to fix, I have been to three. VW vehicles and their service is awful.

    I’ll never buy another VW.

  7. This is a good looking, understated car. I like it a lot. Shouldn’t look old or tired after just a couple years.

  8. I totally agree with you, Vince. The next gen Astra/Focus/Mazda3 will devour this pathetic looking thing in the market (the current versions of the Astra/Mazda3/Euro Focus already look better than this). Bland styling combined with questionable quality/reliability is not a recipe for success.

    I also have an issue with the resurrection of the “Rabbit” moniker for this product in the U.S. Although I understand that young females make up most of the demographic for this segment, but it still seems that VW is alienating any male customers who might consider buying this vehicle. Not many self respecting males I know would be caught dead in a car called “Rabbit”. “Golf” seems to be a much gender-friendly choice for a model name. I don’t think “Rabbit” is a such a respected historic model name that it warrants a revival in the U.S. market.

  9. I find it hilarious how they used design cues from the MKIV present in the headlights and tail lights.

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