Another Mazda3 illustration

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While waiting for the real thing to show up.
We’ll see the sedan at the upcoming Los Angeles auto show.
The hatchback should come out later at a European show.

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  1. this is perfection granted, eats up toyotas veryvery weak corolla, and hondas disjointed civic easily. the only car close is the hot sentra>

  2. Wow! This actually looks pretty good. I like it. And look everyone, no black window filler near the c pillar. I do realize this is just an illustration though. Hey, the hatchback that’ll be coming out, is it going to be a true hatchback or a station wagon that they’ll call a hatchback?

  3. Nice, cant wait to see it.
    Mazda’s are the nicest looking Japanese cars
    for the money, but I also love Subaru with its
    love it or hate it designs, but good for them!

  4. Not bad for a japanese design. The Japanese sometimes make a classy looking car but it is by accident.

  5. I like the harmonious design, looks like it was dsigned by the same person. Let’s hope the mpg is better than the current models.

  6. It reminds me a lot like the new Acura TSX which I drove before but they dealer gave me a price
    which is equal to a Mercedes E class. I did what Vince might do, tell him to take a hike.

  7. I like it. Just wish I did not have to wait so long to see it and to buy it. It is hard to put up with my old car for another year but I will for a five door of the new Mazda 3.

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