Another shot of the new Golf interior

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It sure doesn’t look cheap.
But will it be modern enough to compete with what’s coming up from the competition?

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  1. It’s also going to be more expensive than the competition if the Euro exchange rate gets any worse.

    The exterior design is also very 2000.

  2. I ‘m sure the ones sold in the US will still be coming from Mexico.
    Or maybe even VW’s new US factory when it’s completed.

  3. Does anyone know why VW is planning to produce cars in the US, instead of Mexico? I’m wondering if all VW’s quality problems stem from production problems at the Mexico site, or are they fundamentally flawed engineering decisions.

  4. VW almost always gets interiors right. What they screw up bigtime is the quality of what’s under the hood.

  5. Looks better than anything GM has on the road in North America. Glad to see V-Dub has tasteful interiors still. Unlike the garbage you’d find in a Chevy showroom right now.

  6. Nothing like a stylist with a childish mind that trys to make an interior less ‘boring’. VW interiors are designed by car-loving engineers with taste.

  7. No one makes an interior as nice as VW/Audi. Although, judging from the CTS I just rode in, the interiors in GMs newer cars are approaching the same levels. Ford is hit or miss. Toyota, Chrysler and Honda/Acura are getting noticeably worse. VW is still the benchmark for mass-produced automakers.

  8. Burlapp, they have been made in Germany since the new body style came out and as well and the first year or so of the Golf 4. Go to your VW dealer.

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