Aveo reliability

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This is from JD Powers.
About the 2004 Chevrolet Aveo, which I think, was the 1st year.
Most cars do improve with age.

I am sure the 2008 and 2009 would have better numbers. Even VW improves…

I will be getting mine in a couple of days and will report on it. Not sure yet if that will be the “revised and improved” version or not.
But I would think so…

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  1. Even VW improves?
    Maybe from time to time, but they cannot maintain it. Look at their history over the past 30+ years.

  2. Even VW improves…

    Not too many people buy 30 year old cars for daily transportation, but I think I understand your point.

  3. Junk.

    Who cares if it is cheap if it doesn’t last 5 years. It is a disposable car for poor people not smart enough to buy a used Civic or Corolla.

  4. VW might improve, but after you have experienced a bad one, and how VW responds to you, it does not matter. I would rather walk than ever buy another VW. Actually I would buy an Aveo than buy a VW. Once burned, twice learned.

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