Brilliance in the US in 2009???

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That’s what they’re claiming, again.
Chinese cars in the US next year. It’s always seems to be “next year” doesn’t it.
No matter what next year is…

Brilliance will be shipping 4 of its models to the Detroit Auto Show in January.
The BS4 and BS6 sedans, the FRV Compact hatch and the BC3 Coupe.
All these are pretty good looking cars. Brilliance has been working with Pininfarina and also Porsche.
It is actually with the help of Porsche that they were able to improve the safety and crash test results of the BS6 sedan.

We’ll see.
This will happen one day or another. No matter how we feel about it….

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  1. Yes we all know what “BS” stands for.
    They still have lot of reputation repair work to do with their worst crash test ever.

  2. Sneer all you want Yanks. Fact is the Chinese car companies are rising while yours are sinking like stones through years of idiot management. (rather like your whole country really).

  3. In china, 1000 new cars are going on the road every day. In 20 years china will be 1 great big gridlocked carpark. They are creating their own monster.

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