Bug drive cut short

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As I mentioned before, my new Beetle test drive was cut short by some bi@&%#&@atch who ran into me.

To be continued later…

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  1. Hey Vince, Hope you are O.K.!!! You have a good case here since you where hit from behind. Sue the bastard!!!

  2. Not totaled. There’s nothing major in the back (It’s FWD), so it looks worse than it is…

  3. Hope you are okay? Now was this a factory test drive or you rent them to test drive yourself. If so, who takes care of the insurance? just curious …

  4. Very interesting to see so many rubber hoses in the rear bumper area and that looks like a pump there. German engineering at its best?

  5. And to think that this DAMAGED rear end still looks better than the UNDAMAGED rear end (or the whole car) of the Acura TL.

  6. I, for one, would like to see a photo of Vince before the accident.. oh wait, that photo IS before the accident?? Sorry!

  7. What are those hoses and valves for under a rear bumper?

    Only one other poster asked this question?

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