Cadillac CTS Wagon

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Finally, official pictures.
I just wish Cadillac had chosen a better color, and pictures, to introduce the new model.It does look pretty original. Striking in many ways…

I can’t wait to see better pictures of it…

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  1. Sweet! Never thought I’d like a freakin wagon! throw some dubs on this biaatch and we have a winner! this is more of a replacement for the previous SRX than the new SRX. I guess thats GM thinking I hope they do well with it, a Panoramic dual roof and you have a care that will definitely surpass Benz estate wagons as well as Volvos.

  2. The front of the car doesn’t mesh well with a wagon rear. However, Cadillac could have made it work, but this rear has too many weird angles and looks bulbous. The wagon idea wasn’t executed very well here, and it was a bit senseless to begin with. Europeans want wagons, sure, but they don’t want Cadillacs. What makes GM thing a Cadillac wagon is going to work?

  3. The back end is a bit wacky but overall very nice…Finally, a stylist with a sense of grown-up style and class.

  4. I like the color, not grey, black or silver. Great overall look, this is not your fathers wagon!!!

  5. Not sure Volvo people and Cadillac people cross shop. Volvo image is still safety, functionality and quirky. Cadillac is image, performance and “American luxury”

  6. Cadillac has markedly improved its designs in the past 5 years. Now it is time to work on the banal rear of the CTS and not to forget that great looking wheels is 50% of the story. The CTS wheels are simply average and the rear needs a design team with a little, not much mind you,… imagination.

  7. atleast the C pillar follows the d pillar nicely. its a little funny though. i think the rear screams SAAB sportcombi!! though.

  8. “Cadillac CTS Sportcombi” Who says they can’t use that?

    Either way, I’m sure this will be as successful as the Cimeron.

    I wish they were making the 2 dr with a hatch version as well (so trunk people wouldn’t cry and yell “C-CLASS!!! NO!!!”), but that too could have been only as successful as the 318 hatch.

  9. Rear end is ridiculous. Form over function shouldn’t apply to visibility in automobiles. Saftey trumps all.

    Stupid design from a failing company, what else would you expect???

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