Chevrolet Aveo test drive coming up

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I did drive one a couple of years ago and was actually pleasantly surprised.
For the price.

I will be driving this revised version (With the giant front grille) in a couple of days.
I think this kind of cars will be more and more popular in the US.

So if you have any questions, or things you want me to look for. Go ahead.

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  1. the engine is new…how smooth is it especially at high RPM?
    How is the clutch action?
    How quick is turn-in?

  2. I am not suprised that you liked it, you know nothing about automotive journalism or cars in general. Everyone else has hated it.

  3. OK maybe its a good car for the price, but I refuse to buy a Daewoo. How can everyone who buys this car forget that Daewoo’s were unsafe,and unreliable. Also, why cant Americans build a car like this instead of giving us this Korean Krap Kar………..or does nobody even know this and think because it says Chevrolet its made by us???

  4. The beauty of Blogs is that you get second opinions. I subscribe to three mags and i’m sick of some of their reviews. Tell us what we really want to know, like does this thing get good gas mileage. The problem with these small cars is there is not a big difference in economy compared to slightly larger vehicles. Leave the 0-60 time to those other “professional” car reviewers.

  5. It’s made by GM Daewoo. They put as much effort into these cars as they do for any other brand now. People don’t seem to understand this yet. Then again it took people years to understand that Hyundai and Kia are actually OK now.

  6. I’ve been checking forums and so far most current owners seem really happy.
    i got a bit over 40mpg cruising at 65/70mph with Focus last year.
    So I ‘ll try it with this car.

    I am getting the 5 speed which does get better mileage than the 4 speed auto.

  7. i was provided one a few years back when my lexus was involved in an accident. initial reaction was what you would expect; however the minimal weight of the vehicle made it fun to drive – reminiscent of the original mini cooper…

    this revised version does not appear to have gained too much weight; with the minimalist rotating wieght of the tiny wheels / tires would suggest her spirited driving ability may still be in tact.

    please let us know if she’s still nimble.

    on another note, why is it that the chevy daewoo does not recieve the same adoration as the toyota daewoo(s) (scion)?

  8. The transition of chevrolet being an “all american” company to an “all korean” company.
    What a sad end.

  9. The Aveo continues to be a money loser for GMNA…Americans will buy a used bigger car rather than new tiny car.

  10. You are kidding us about the old car right? it was not that good on highway and sluggish in town … don’t know about this new one.

    need to know how it is compared to scion, yaris and other low end Koreans.

  11. I like this car… it’s economical, fun and cute. Shame bout the facelifted grille tho. Aveos are nice cars. I see lots on the road here 🙂

  12. Anonymous said…

    Don’t forget to test out the air bags…We want to know if they actually deploy.

    August 13, 2008 5:40 AM

    You mean like the almighty BMW?

    Today, NHSTA announced that BMW is recalling 200,000 vehicles in the U.S. over concerns that the front passenger airbag may not deploy in the even of a crash due to a sensor problem. The models affected from the recall include the 2006 MY 3-Series, the 2004-2005 MY 5-Series and the 2004-2006 MY X3 SUV.

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