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Based on the concept. And it looks pretty close, except for the grille.
This looks to be the Daewoo version which will be sold in Korea.
The car sold in Europe will be a Chevrolet.
But GM has already announced the US won’t be getting this.

I am still not really sure if this is an illustration or not. The rear door handles do not seem to match what I’ve seen in many spy shots.
So who knows, really…

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  1. It may have picked up some design cues from the Beat, but the overall feel of the concept car has been lost and terribly diluted on the production version (if this is the real thing). To me, this looks less like the concept car and more like a reimagined version of Opel’s Agila (which isn’t a bad looking city car, but its design is much less adventurous than the Beat Concept).

    I would like to see GM use some of the design flavor of the Beat and apply it to a next gen Aveo sedan and coupe (or 3-door) for North America. From what I hear, this won’t happen. If I understand correctly, the U.S. Aveo replacement will be a mini-crossover or mini-MPV based on the Groove or Trax concept cars. While there is a customer base for this type of subcompact vehicle, I still don’t think GM should totally abandon other configurations for this segment. It should offer more variants in the segment instead of limiting it to one. Dodge committed the same mistake in the compact segment with the Caliber and has been on the sidelines in the segment while everyone else has been enjoying its emergence.

  2. I’m glad this isn’t the final grille design. It’s way too conventional and unimpressive. This needs to compete with the Mini and the FIT. And I think this is a great little design that can do it. Just design a cooler grille for it.

  3. This car is an A-segment car, it’s smaller than the Aveo, Fit and Yaris which are B-segment cars.

    GM is denying that the Beat variant of this car is headed to the US, but it will be in the upcoming ‘Transformers 2’ film. There is some hope that GM will bring this car to the US as a surprise.

    The version seen in this photo is the 5-door version whereas the Beat concept was a 3-door. This car is also related to the two other concepts, the Trax and Groove, that were displayed with the Beat.

  4. The shape of the grille won’t change. They will just adapt a version of the current Chevy brand car grille to fit in the alotted space (if this is the real deal and not someone’s computerized trickery).

  5. Well, if they’re featuring it in the New Transformers movie, I wouldn’t be surprised if they suddenly change their mind to sell it in the US 😛

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