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These are the 1st official pictures of the car that will replace the Cobalt in the US.
As you can see, these are of the European version. Which will be replacing the Deawoo based Nubira over there.
As part of a new (And smart) trend, we are now getting the same models as in Europe from US manufacturers.
That’s not a bad thing.
The US built Cruze will be available in Europe next March. But later in the US.

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  1. Volkswagen AG should be expecting some royalty checks by now. So the Cobalt aped the Jetta’s interior, and now the Cruze ripped off almost everything from the newest Audi A4 (front bumper, roof-line, window silhouette, side character lines).

    I also see the ugly e90 3-series headlights.

    Unfortunately for Chevy, the U.S. won’t get this until the 2011 model year–when the new Civic is released.

  2. Wow! An American car built in the USA by Americans…..but available in Europe about a year before the USA get’s it. Uuuummmm…am I missing something?

    Anyway I like this car alot so far,except for the c pillar window filler. I’m looking forward to seeing the interior. If the Aveo is any indication that Vince just reviewed, then this interior should be really good for its price. I think it’ll have a d.i. turbo 1.4l 4cyl with a 5 spd manual or “6” speed auto ( I’m not 100% sure about the turbo, but I am about the other stuff).

  3. There are only 2 small things that bother me about the design: 1) the curve in the front fender in the 2nd photo is a bit awkward, and 2) the black plastic ‘thing’ in the C-pillar seems totally unnecessary and complicates the design. I think it would have looked just fine without it.

    Otherwise, it looks like a good package. Can’t wait to see official pictures of the interior (tho the unofficial ones look impressive).

  4. That grille makes me nauseous. And the Sebring-“inspired” c-pillar dates the design.

    Yawn. Dealer incentives and rebates, anyone?

  5. Wow, the Cruze is actually a pretty nice-looking car, much nicer than the cartoonish and bland compacts from Toyota, Honda and Nissan. Nice enough to forgive the designers for the awkward C-pillar. If the interior is like what we’ve seen in some photos, GM just might have a winner on their hands.

  6. I really like this a lot. I’ll bet that it will do amazingly well, better than any small car GM has ever offered. But I do not like that plastic filler piece on the C pillar. It’s totally unnecessary. But that’s just splitting hairs. This car is very good looking.

  7. Damn! Is anybody looking at what I see. I’m seeing so many negative reviews. The car is close to flawless I’m not a GM advocate at all, I do like the Caddys…But Chevy is actually making strides…when the Malibu came out I thought the car was damn near perfect , everything except the the rear tailamps. With the Chevy Cruze they actually did a good job from front to back. I’m a Civic Owner and if the quality and gas mileage is good I’d take this over it anyday. The lines are crisp and the front fascia is aggressive. Good job Chevy! A perfect Cobalt / Cavalier replacement.

  8. Let’s get over this black triangle thing…if it wasn’t there, everyone would say, “They’re ripping off BMW”.

    Yes, it might cost less to have nothing there, but it’s not such a bad little design trick. The c-pillar then flows like the original 90’s neon prototype.

    last year, Chevy was saying the Malibu would be showing the face of things to come. This is it. And you can see a bit of this in the Volt as well…so get used to it.

    Let’s just hope they can produce these puppies asap. and sell them here for peanuts. GM needs to learn that more car for less money equals greater demand, and more sales for them as well…

  9. All of these are minor quibbles on what is otherwise a nice looking car for the segment. It may not be for some, but compare this fresh design to the pathetic-from-day-one Cobalt and get back to us, folks.

  10. It’ll look better if the upper grille was a little lower, allowing the hood line to go all the way across.

  11. Very nice.


    That’s my only complaint though.
    Fix it before it gets to the US.

  12. Wow, NO THANKS!

    After all this waiting and that is what we get??? I was really looking forward to the Cruze and this is a huge disappointment. The hideous front end and the C pillar kill the entire vehicle.

    So disappointing…

  13. “Let’s get over this black triangle thing…if it wasn’t there, everyone would say, “They’re ripping off BMW”.”

    True. It’s actually not a very new idea. I just think that Chrysler executed it so terribly poorly with an incredibly cheap material, now everyone notices. When it’s an actually a piece of glass, or glass-like material, it works. If it wasn’t on this car, the C-pillar would resemble a Mazda 3, which does resemble a BMW.

  14. Styling ideas come in waves and silly, painted look-alike windows, or whatever they’re supposed to be, are all the rage now.

    Chrysler Sebring, 2009 Mazda 6, Chevy Cruze……..there will be more cars with this styling nonsense, I fear.

    Why ruin otherwise good designs?

  15. Surprising GM will build this thing in Ohio with all those UAW monkeys constantly threatening them. How will they be able to make a profit?

  16. I think I finally “get” the headlights, but those taillights, they seem like a mess (I don’t like that dip), I took a few minutes in paint and did this (it’s a little rough but the general Idea I was going for is there):

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