Chevrolet Volt teasers

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GM has just released a few teasers of the production Volt.

They don’t show much more than what we already know…

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  1. Front end looks much more traditional than the concept, complete with gimmicky styling cues.

    Does not bode well.

  2. “They don’t show much more than what we already know…”

    Because it’s all hype!

    I’m not saying it isn’t possible for them to come out with the car they promised, I’m just thinking it’s unrealistic.

    I’m pretty sure these “teasers” were put out just to buy them more time..

    Nothing wrong with that, just want GM to give some legit answers.

  3. Like it so far, 31K is what I have seen published although it costs GM 40K to build???? Anyone hear that?

  4. Gawd…if I see another one of those big goofy looking gold insignias on one of their cars i’m gonna scream!

    I’m sure they will stick one of those cheesy looking little GM stick-e-squares on there somewhere.

  5. At least they didn’t create a weird look just because it’s a different kind of car, like what they did with the EV1.

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