Chevrolet Volt video

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A really interesting look at the upcoming Volt.
Including views of the production model and interior clay models.

I can’t wait.

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  1. WHOA.

    Just like we predicted!

    Audi A4 meets Chevy Malibu…with an iMac interior. For the record, we think it’s HOT. $40,000, but still hot.

    I don’t quite think they’ll pull it off… but it will be a nice distraction while everything else crumbles.

  2. Looks like an interesting design. I heard that this will be a hatchback and not a sedan. I applaud GM’s ambition but this seems a bit overreaching. They should have come out with a regular hybrid 1st and later try something like this. If they succeed great but I hope they don’t put another EV-1 on the public.

  3. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    GM has a long history of showing slick concept cars that cannot be produced.

    The name survives, of course, and it’s usually applied to an bland vehicle bearing no resemblance to the concept car at all.

    Maybe it’ll be different this time–I hope so.

  4. I don’t think they are going to pull it off. The sad part is that Toyota will come out with the plug-in hybrid first.

    Battery tech is not there.

  5. I don’t know why you all say the Volt can’t be done. Is it because the appliance maker wearing a sombrero isn’t the manufacturer developing it? Curious. Anyway, This will be done, or GM wouldn’t have given it the hype it’s getting. It would’ve been too embarassing. They’ll do it, watch and see!


  6. They need the hype because GM is losing money every second and their stock has been down graded. That is a point of a good salesman.

    Imagine if GM came out tomorrow and said ‘we give up, America. We sold the company to a conglomerate of multimillionaires in Indonesia.’

    It was bad enough that Chrysler got sold to the Germans …

  7. I’m so tired of the I hate GM, I hate American posts. Its almost like people want them to fail. I want them to be successful and I wish them well.

  8. Its not easy for any car manufacturer to mass produce an electric vehicle. There needs to be years of testing in different conditions.
    Toyota are still testing, otherwise all car makers would be in the the electric bandwagon.

  9. I certainly don’t hate GM and would be happy to see it succeed.

    It would be nice to bust the UAW which is a major reason why all 3 domestic car companies are near death now.

    Unions are parasites that ultimately kill their hosts.

  10. I applaud them for their ambition and I’m not a GM fan! I do feel that the automotive engineering needs a new twist in order to revolutionize the industry. If they can pull it off, I think this could do it. It would be a better answer to the everyday Hybrid that people are gobbling up! Hybrids, IMO, are not the answer to the increasing gas prices. They still use a good amount of gas, it just takes a few more days to use it up. Months between fill ups sounds a bit ambitious, but just imagine that!

  11. Vegetable oil, people.

    Straight vegetable oil.

    Buy a used Mercedes diesel, make friends and become a regular at a local take-out restaurant that will give you its used cooking oil. Then start stockpiling it for the day when the McCain administration makes it illegal to give away or accept free cooking oil. You can learn how to strain and use vegetable oil in a car’s engine on the internet(s)…

    Being on-topic, the Chevrolet Volt is (not will-be, “is”) too little, too late. In the meantime, call your publicists: this is what you’ll want to arrive in at the 2010 Academy Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, et. al.

  12. Desperate times call for desperate measures. If GM is “too little too late” does that mean that Chrysler and Ford are already dead? Hybrids aren’t the answer and that means turbo charged 4 bangers won’t be either.

    I used to be anti Ford and Anti-GM, and even somewhat Anti-American cars, but only because I grew up that way. I was born into a family that had a 1978 Toyota Corona and an ’82 E series. THe E series had transmission troubles twice, so we got a Mazda as a replacement in 88. The toyota lasted past 1992. Sold it of only because of a broken A/C. That was replaced by another Mazda. The first Mazda came to a close after 17 years….only because of an accident. The second Mazda didn’t last as many years, but breaking a transmission after 200,000 miles ain’t bad.

    My father ended his trash american trash talking days with a chrysler he got in 1995 and still has today. He’s bought 2 more since then. Mine is pushing 9 years, so this proves that American quality has risen substantially since the Japanese and Koreans entered the market. My parents now also own a Mercury, so we’ve come back to Ford. If GM offered something to their tastes, they’d be looking in that direction too.

    American brands have learned a hard lesson and are in the process of playing catch up….just enough to keep them in business.

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. I’m positive GM will pull this off because this is basically all of nothing for them. If this fails, this is basically the end of GM and quite possibly the end of the American car market along with it. Let’s face it, $30,000 is quickly becoming the new $20,000.

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