Corvette concept coming up

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I would think this is for the Detroit auto show.

I guess it’s now too late to hope for a retro Corvette. Looks like the next generation will try to go “modern”…

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  1. Actually, to my eyes that is quite retro. Borrows a lot from the Stingray. Personally I’d like them to go a bit further back and shape that side treatment with a nod to the ’59 Corvette. It would be interesting to see a modern interpretation of the old reverse angle A-pillar too.

  2. For a minute, I thought Acura had penned another batmobile after seeing the back-end-same-as-the-front styling. But I can see the Stingray influence, which is kinda cool.

    Hmmm… I’m still confused whether Corvette is the American super sports car or the everyman’s sports car. I think Chevy has the same problem.

  3. Let make it a reality pleease GM. No more concept crap, you can’t afford to be. and price in the low 30s and they will sell.

  4. This is exactly how the next Corvette should be. Like acardesigner pointed out, it does look retro, it has Stingray all over it, and going retro is certainly working fine for the Mustang and is surely going to work fine for the Camaro too, so it would be a no-brainer to do the same thing with the Corvette, which IMHO has become a bit boring to look at in recent years.

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