CTS Wagon in the flesh

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And looking great.
It’s about time a wagon design makes you want to buy the wagon instead of the sedan.
At least for my taste.

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  1. Very nice looking – but that horrible blind spot will be an issue. this is the second great looking wagon I have seen the past few days – the opel being the other one. It really is about time that we now have a choice for wagons. I have a Volvo XC70 and love the utility aspect of it. I would get the Opel/Saturn wagon in a heartbeat. I would not get this Cadillac solely for the large blind spot in the rear. Now that gas is getting higher (and don’t let the current lower price fool you) the large SUVs are dead. People are going to want a ‘sport wagon’ to take its place. Pontiac had an opportunity to bring over the wagon version of the G8 but they dropped it (why??). These new wagons are not our father’s Country Squires, they are the beginning of (I hope) a new trend of some fantastic utility vehicles.

  2. I love wagons and 5-door hatches. Having owned at least 6 wagons and 5-door hatches, I cannot see why people rush into CUVs or SUVs. Wagons handle better than any CUV because of their low center of gravity and some of them trump any CUV when come to interior space. Plus a few even come in awd.

  3. This is a hot wagon, it gets better looking every time i see it. Hopefully the price will be reasonable. When I shop the CTS the price was over 40K with leather, sunroof and navi.

  4. I can see myself driving this and I’ve never considered ANY wagon before. This could be considered sexy even! Great job Cadillac! Hope it’s a success.

  5. They should’ve made the cargo area side windows just a smidgeon larger. They could’ve done that without having it lose its sportiness.

  6. The Opel Insignia Wagon looks better, and it doesn’t have the horrible blindspot that this has.

  7. This is one of the slickest, sweetest looking wagons that I’ve seen..in a long, long, time.

    The CTS wagon should be a big hit!

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