Daewoo Veritas

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Basically, a Holden sedan with a Daewoo face for the Korean market.
Or a Korean Pontiac G8…

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  1. At least it doesn’t have those ridiculous looking hood scoops like out Pontiac G8. I wish they would make that styling “enhancement” optional on the Pontiac. Where the G8 is positioned as more of a performance sedan in the U.S., this one looks to be detailed for the luxury segment for Korea.

  2. The “Veritas” (I thought it was called G3x or sth
    like that?) is based on the Holden Statesman,
    not the Commodore, so it’s the LWB version
    of the platform (See Chinese Buick Park Avenue).
    So, while it has things in common with the G8,
    it’s a different car, much more upmarket with
    a different, more luxurious interior as well
    as different bodywork (lights, etc…) plus it’s
    a size larger.

  3. It’s not the Holden Commodore (Holden’s sedan), it’s a Holden Statesman. Longer wheelbase, luxury spec.

  4. The only panels shared with the G8/Commodore are the front doors.
    Like everyone else said, this is based on the Satesman/Caprice not the G8.

  5. It’s the Chinese Park Ave. w/ a different grill…I still say they bring it to the US Line Up. The G8 Platform is all alone over here ;)…at least till the Camaro is out.

  6. It was originally dubbed ‘L4X’, but GMDAT changed it to Veritas. This is based on the Holden Caprice.


  7. This would make a good replacement for the caprice over here. Look good as police cars.
    Holden commodore/Pontiac G8 are used in the police force in australia and new zealand for highway patrol and standard incident patrol.
    Long wheel base version would be great in the US.

  8. No matter what badge this world car uses, no matter if it’s a Holden, a Pontiac, a Daewoo, a Chevy (in some middleeastern countries), or a Vauxhall, this car will always look good.

  9. Chevy In The USA Could Used A Nice Looking R/W Drive Like This In There Line Up.Call It Caprice And I Would Buy It.I Own Two Caprice In The 70/80 Times.One Was '350;&396 cub motor 325hp.

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