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There have been rumors for years about a new European Ford Capri.
Now that the new Scirocco is out, it looks like the CApri might actually happen. In a similar, almost wagon like, form.

And now that Ford US is scheduled to sell yus their European models, this could actually make it over here.
I still think all Euro Fords should be sold here as Mercury.
But that’s just me…

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  1. If this becomes a Mercury here in the states combined with other European cars is could change Mercury’s image. But Merkur didn’t help. Or the Mercury Cougar from Mazda. And the other Capri that tried and failed to battle the Miata.

    I love this car and look forward to Mercury being the European Ford but I worry that they’ve tried before and failed what will change this time?

    You can’t see Grand Marquis next to Capri’s and hope the sell. If the new Mercury is to work they need to think more like Toyota/Scion. Not ditching the Mercury name but ditching some current model cars. Which means buh bye to the Sable. Which is one of my favorite Mercury’s right now. The Mariner must go to.

  2. Love the car, not crazy about the idea. Mercury should just fade into history, if I were ford I would put all my chips into ford brand and lincoln. They have alot of work to do unfortunately.

  3. This thing looks freakin’ awesome! 2.0l DI turbo and a DSG, maybe even with AWD. Forget the Scirocco and GTI, look out EVO and STI. Alright…I know I pissed someone off now.

  4. I've seen chops/renderings of a "Capri" for some time… …what platform would it be on & what'd the difference be from the Reflex???
    or IS this the Reflex?

  5. Joel: The last Cougar was based on the Contour/Mondeo chassis, not Mazda

    John M: Don’t let these import fanboys stop you from speaking your mind!

    As far as the car: A) Is the fastback dead? B) I take it rear-drive’s not gonna happen?

  6. To: Soul Brother no.7

    Thanks for the support. My challenge was all in fun. Anyway I think you’re right about rear wheel drive. Until fuel prices come back down, (if they come back down), I think we’ve seen as much rear wheel drive as we’re going to see. Rumor has it the G8 will get the same direct injected V6 as the Camaro. More power and slightly better gas mileage than the current V6. I’m willing to bet that other than the Mustang and a big Lincoln car, there won’t be any other rear wheel drive cars from Ford because of said gas prices.

  7. Holy “kinetic photoshop rip off batman”

    I love the look – but know there is along the lines of the “fake Mazda 3” illustrations we’d seen a few weeks ago.

    Pity – this thing would sell like hot cakes if it came out and looked like this.

  8. Vince, it’s pretty bad form to state “all Euro Fords should be sold here as Mercury”, then in the very next post about the Euro-based Fiesta, say “who would pick a US Focus over this?”. If Ford sells all the Euro Fords as Mercurys, what will they sell as FORDS? Not much of a business case in selling just the Flex, Edge, Taurus and Crown Victoria and a FOURTH reskin of the 2000 US Focus! Sure, that’s oversimplification.. but the fact is that all the next-gen US Ford cars will be developed concurrently with the Euro models to cut costs.. Lincolns will continue to be reskinned, upscale Fords.. and Mercury really doesn’t have anywhere to go but away.

  9. This illustration looks suspiciously like the Visos concept from several years back.. right down to the Capri-like side extractor vents (who still has those??). Looks like a perfect competitor for the new VW Scirocco… too bad Ford once again waited for the competition and didn’t build it first!

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