Ford Fiesta in the US

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And still looking great.

Not sure who would pick a US Focus over this…

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  1. well, Vince
    the people who choose the Fiesta over the U.S.Focus will only have about 10 months to do it – cuz that’s how long after the Fiesta, the global-Focus will go on sale here 🙂

  2. That car is going to be soooo strong for Ford. I hope they plan to sell a ton of them because this trumps the Fit, Yaris, Aveo,other Koreans and many more upscale cars in my never to be humble opinion.

  3. Looks amazing. Interior looks even better!

    I’m glad Ford finally saw the writing on the wall and decided to bring the Euro designs over.

  4. WoW, it looks bigger than the old ZX3/5. Ford has a winner in their hands! This looks like an Aveo5 killer.

  5. That rear bumper looks alittle to small to be a usa spec car to me, and from that angle it looks like the tailamps doesnt line up with anything on the car and looks awkward, I thought i was gonna really love this car, but looking at the rear all i can think of is aztec ass on it !

  6. We have to thank the high gas price for GM, Ford and Chrysler to see clearly that we Americans like good looking Euro-bred vehicles too.

    Welcome to the United States.

  7. this is not a US/north american specs fiesta! no front side marker refelctors nor lights… this is a mule only, maybe for crash tests??? or promotion??? who knows…

  8. Americans don’t want these expensive and childishly-styled tin cans…They will buy used 1-year-old Ford Explorers for $15K.

  9. I cannot wait for this car! I hope they make the interior similarly useful to the Honda Fit.

    It looks like a much more expensive car than it is reportedly going to cost, so I am excited! If it drives better than a first gen focus, I am sold.

  10. Looks great, but there’s no way this will be the final spec for the North American version. You just know Ford will remove the outside mirror turn signals, cheapen the rear turn lights (let’s make the brake light and turn signal the same red light!), remove those bottom rear reflectors, etc, etc. And yeah, that bumper’s too thin.

    If they do this right, it will still be a fine car and will sell well. I’d buy one.

    And I have zero interest in buying some big fat used gas guzzler like a Ford Explorer.

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