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Looks familiar?

It is our Chevy Aveo. Available in Australia as a 3 door as well.
I think the smaller grille works better on this tiny car.
But I guess Chevy now wants the Malibu mouth on everything they make…

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  1. The Holden actually looks great!

    That big wide open mouth is pure ugly..i guess Chevy tried to give its cars big wide open mouths to match their American drivers

  2. It is so glaringly obvious that this looks much better than the exaggereated Chevy front. I predict an Aveo “facelift” in two years to resemble this more

  3. The “Malibu Mouth” is greatly exaggerated on the Aveo though. I thought it was ridiculous at first, but I’ve gotten used to it…just like I got used to the Audi face, VW face, and Explorer face.

    So the Barina and the G3/Wave will be sharing the same face with a different grill insert, at least they did it cross continent this time and didn’t pull a G5/Cobalt.

  4. I like that new big-mouth Aveo grill MUCH better. This grill looks very common and boring. You people need some flair in your lives – either that or you can be trend-followers instead of trend-setters.

  5. Crash rating is still the same probably. Here in Australia they’ve just added side airbags as standard but i doubt it will make it that much safer.

  6. 1-star crash rating? Eeek!

    The maw on this Holden looks so much better. Sometimes boring is a good thing…

  7. I wouldn’t mind the “Malibu Mouth” if the Aveo was a more spirited performer. But taking the miserly cheapie role is what rubs salt in the wound.

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