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Looking really good.
Let’s hope Honda gets smart and brings this over here.

It’s about the size of the Civic from just a few years ago anyway.
The Fit is a big hit for them in the US (The new 2009 one will come out a whole month early) and I think this could be even more popular…

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  1. Ten times better than the Versa, xD, Aveo, and Yaris. If Honda is smart they won’t wait to brings this over.

  2. That grill looks like the designer of the 2008 Focus got drunk and snuck in to Honda’s studio to pull a prank.

  3. wow that’s kinda kewl the rear seats recline with the package shelf into the trunk, never seen that before….

  4. What is with you and the city?
    It’s not THAT great. Like, the
    interior is cheap-ass, and it’s
    just a boring Fit-sedan. The
    only cool things about it are:
    the steering wheel, the reclining
    parcel shelf/seat (of which there is
    no need for in the much more practical
    Fit hatch which is selling just fine), and
    the grille/front lights ensemble are
    interesting, but it will get old fast.
    The rest of the car is boring old
    honda sedan.

  5. Hondas, of late, have been rather bland IMO. However the City actually looks pretty good.

    Still, the new Fiesta is vastly better looking.

  6. Anonymous12:56PM said…
    That grill looks like the designer of the 2008 Focus got drunk and snuck in to Honda’s studio to pull a prank.

    YUP! Honda really should’ve laid off the 3bar grille, a 2bar would look better anyway… …oh wait

  7. Message to Honda: BRING THIS HERE NOW!!! I will not buy a Fit since it is ugly, but this I will buy right away, and so will many many others. This kills the Yaris Sedan, and will likely be higher quality than the Versa Sedan. Many people don’t like the new Civic design, and want a simple, smallER, reliable Honda that is reasonably priced. If its not brought here, people will be forced to buy Nissan Versas, even though they really want this.

  8. How can a new car model come out “a month early”, when the manufacturer sets the on-sale date? Early compared to what?

  9. Those seats, like the one’s in the Fit, look Hard and Cheap! Honda needs to do something about it’s interiors. Ford’s Fiesta has it all over this!

  10. the fabric for the rear seats look so cheap.

    the front end looks weird but the dash looks good.

    why ‘fit’ sedan? it probably has less room and versatility than the hatch … if i wanted a small car, i’d want versatility.

  11. A month earlier than planned.

    I’ll admit, it’s growing on me a bit
    (and sorry for the mean comment
    earlier). However, the interior is still cheap
    looking. Put in a Fit interior and I’m sold.
    I’d still rather have a Fit though-it’s so much
    more practical.

  12. “a month earlier than planned”

    Again, if it’s the manufacturer that sets the on-sale date, then it’s going on sale exactly when planned. It would be one thing if it arrived at the dealers and they started selling it a month early, but when the manufacturer is the one making the claim, it’s nothing more than marketing b.s.

  13. There must be two different trim levels represented, judging by the seat material. … for those not in love with the cheaper looking first pic. Honda’s not known for low-end interiors even in their small cars- so hold on.

  14. Japan has had reclining rear seats on so many cars virtually forever. I wonder how it is it never made to bigger North American cars before the current Lexus LS.

    And more to the point, why it isn’t on any Detroit iron? Would be lovely to see that in an Impala or G8.

  15. While I’m generally not a fan of companies slapping together a 4-door sedan to appease us silly Americans, because they usually end up looking awful (see, Versa, Nissan – and too a lesser extent the Yaris sedan).

    But this is a halfway decent looking sedan for a b-class car. There is certainly room for it in Honda’s lineup behind the Civic (which is now larger and more powerful then my folks’ 1990 Accord).

    I do find myself hoping that the auto companies will go too far the other way for a few years, and give us a golden era of choices in the years to come, but it still feels like a pipe dream to me.

  16. mike, the reason the City looks so much better than most sedans derived from hatchbacks is because they changed all the sheetmetal, even the windshield and doors.. it’s essentially a different model than the cab-forward bus-like Fit now. And other than the fussy hood and grille, it looks tons better than the sedan competition! Honda does need to bring this over NOW.. and keep the City name.. it’s too stylish to be a Fit sedan.

  17. The Fit will come out Aug 26 and it would be smart for them to bring this here from Japan as well as the CrossRoads. Imagine 5 more JDM from Honda in the US, that would make it over 12-13 different models…more than what Ford has to offer.

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